New CD and Tour!!

New CD and Tour!!

Hello friends, 

It has been a couple years since we sent our last update. Hopefully this finds you well! While on hiatus from Storyhill, we’ve been busy with our individual projects, families, and careers. But during that time away, there has always been a calling to get back to it. Get back to making music together. Get back to sharing our music with you. Get back to this community that we’ve known and loved for nearly 30 years.

The wait is over. 

We’ve had the opportunity to play some pretty amazing stages during our time together. Since our ‘reunion’ in the early 2000s, our reach expanded and our fanbase grew. And while all of that happen, we played some great sets together. We were fortunate to capture some of those moments by recording shows at venues large and small across the country.

While away, we rediscovered some of these gems. Since we haven’t released a live record since 2002, we felt the time has come for a new live album. It is with great excitement that we announce the release of Stages.

Scheduled for release on November 16th, Stages captures 15 live performances of songs from our studio albums Dovetail, our self-titled disc Storyhill, Shade of the Trees and a couple unreleased songs. The Storyhill team has culled the archives to find individual performances that captured our ears and our hearts. Though the performances may not be perfect, each song archives a moment in our collective musical career that has meaning to us. And now, hopefully for you, too.

To get this new album into your hands and headphones, we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund its creation. Over the next 21 days, we’re looking to you, our Storyhill family, to visit the Stages Kickstarter website and contribute if you are able. We’ve put together some fun packages to reward you for your contributions to this record.

We need your help to make it come to life. As we work our way through the 21 day campaign, we will share updates on the album, including the track list, bonus disc tracks, and other information on this album. We are confident that you’ll love it. Head on over to our Kickstarter page and check out the campaign. 

Fall Tour!

To celebrate the release of Stages, and after a nearly four-year hiatus from touring, we are hitting the road for a tour through Minnesota and Montana. Ticket information is now available on our Shows page. We’d love to see you on the road and help us celebrate Stages.

We’re very excited to bring Stages into this world and reconnect with you on tour. It’s hard to believe we started this almost 30 years ago in our hometown of Bozeman, Mont. and have watched it grow into the community it is today. We thank you for your support throughout those years, whether we’ve been recording and touring, or taking time away to recharge our batteries and reignite our passion for performing.

Thanks for your love and support through all stages of our career. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Chris & Johnny

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