30th Anniversary Celebration!

This coming summer marks a major milestone in our 30-year musical career!

After graduating from high school back in 1989, we spent a day at Peak Recording in Bozeman, Montana and made a record, a cassette simply titled Chris & Johnny. Little did we know back then how far that experience would take us; from weekly pub gigs in college, full-time national touring, landing a record deal with a highly reputable label, and many appearances on well-known, highly praised festivals, venues and stages (Kerrville, APHC, Mountain Stage, Falcon Ridge…the list goes on).

To celebrate this milestone with you, our loyal fanbase who have been listening and encouraging us all these years, we have created a customized one-time event – a 30th Anniversary Celebration – scheduled for July 24-27, 2019 to be hosted in and around our hometown of Bozeman in the most beautiful part of the state. We are so excited to be your personal hosts for this special experience and have two options for your participation and enjoyment.

Check out our 30th Anniversary Celebration page!

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