Manager’s Corner: Stages

Hello all, Jim Kowitz here. Today is an exciting day at the Storyhill camp. For the first time in their 30 years of making music, Storyhill is releasing an album on vinyl! Our most recent live album, Stages, has been remastered, pressed and shipped and is now available to purchase through our online store. It is limited edition double LP with 22 tracks, including 6 that weren’t on the original Stages CD.

Stages was a fun and nostalgic album to create. After Chris and John decided to go on hiatus in 2015, I spent many hours listening to archives we have of them performing songs from Dovetail, Storyhill (self-titled) and Shade of the Trees. I also found great versions of their newest songs that I wanted all of you to hear. We discussed getting these recordings to you and working with our good friend @Alex Oana to make it happen.

Since I played a role in selecting the tracks for Stages, they are all meaningful to me. But if I had to pick two that standout, they would be Blazing Out of Sight and World Go Round. Blazing Out of Sight is a fun story song that provides so much imagery about young love situations. You can’t help but smile with you hear lines like “I just stood there watching the phone ring until it was done.” We’ve all been there!

World Go Round is Storyhill captured at their best. This may be my favorite song from the album. The quality of the performance, how succinct the guys were that night in Zumbrota, MN and the mastering Alex executed make this track timeless. This is the song I play when I want to a new listener to hear Chris and Johnny’s amazing talent!

If you want a total different Storyhill listening experience, I encourage you to get a copy of Stages on vinyl, you won’t be disappointed!

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