Just in! The popular “bus and trees” logo is back in two new colors – heathered mauve (similar to last year’s shirts)and heathered gray. We have some light blue with dark blue ink of this shirt as well. Sizes currently available in the mauve and gray range from adult XS to adult XXL.

To order, go to the merch table at an upcoming show, or email: Please note that it may take a week or two for shirts to mail, depending on manager’s travel schedule.

Coming soon: Kid sizes!

Mary Made Merch! To Order, email:


Most are from reclaimed wood, a few are new wood. All dimensions are in inches and are approximate. There is only ONE of each style. Signs are $30 plus shipping.

MM-S-1:       12  x 4 

MM-S-2:       12  x 3.5 

MM-S-3:       11.75 x 3.5

MM-S-4 :      12.25 x 3.5 

MM-S-5:       3.5  x 11.5

MM-S-7:       A bit over 3.5 x 12

MM-S-8:       3.5 x 12.25

MM-S-9:       3.5 x just under 12

MM-S-10:     A bit under 3.5 x 12.5

MM-S-11:     A bit over 3.5 x 11.75

MM-S-12:     3.5 x 11

MM-S-13:     5.5 x 4.25

MM-S-14:     A bit over 4.5 x 6.25

MM-S-15:     3.5 x a bit over 6.75

MM-S-17:     3.5 x a bit under 16

MM-S-18:     3.5 x a bit over 11 

MM-S-19:     3.5 x 11

MM-S-21:     3.5 x 11.75

MM-S-22:     3.5 x 11.75

MM-S-23:     3.5 x 11 3/4

Repurposed Flannel Shirts, Stenciled by Mary (with fabric paint)

Shirts are $40 + shipping. There is only ONE of each style. (If you need a larger photo, please ask).

MM-F-1:       Brand:  Lee Riders, XXl, buttons and fringe down the front; “Peace, Love, Steady On”

MM-F-2:       Brand: ALC Woman, Size  – XL; “Steady On” on front pocket, music notes on back. 

MM-F-3:       Brand: Faded Glory size XL (46/48); Steady OnMM-F-3:    


MM-F-4:       Brand:  G – George, Large; Steady On

MM-F-6:       Brand – Mossimo, Size Large (Oversized); Steady On

MM-F-7:       Brand: Northcrest, Size XL; Peace, Love Steady On on back, flower appliques on front