Alicia Powelson Benefit Concert

Billings, MT, US · Kosmann Property

Venue Details

320 Washington Street, Billings, MT 59101, US (406)661-2684
Alicia Powelson, a daughter of one of our long-time fans,  was diagnosed with cancer a year and 5 months ago. She is a mother to 4 little boys and currently lives in Rock Springs, WY. She has been diligent in finding a treatment for her illness that was outside the normal path of medical advice. This quest ended up at a Clinic in Phoenix called Euromed Foundation.
For the last 3 months Alicia has been receiving some great treatments from the doctors and nurses at Euromed, which have gotten the cancer under control to
the point that they have got her on a maintenance dose as of now with plans to lesson the treatments of “light Chemo” more and more in the coming weeks.
Sadly however, the treatment she is receiving does not fall in the norms of cancer treatment so the cost of this is out of pocket. They have a good insurance plan through the state of Wyoming, however they are unsure if some or any of these costs will be covered.
Storyhill will be playing a fundraiser to help raise funds to offset Alicia’s medical expenses. We invite you to join us in Billings on Sunday, July 21st for a night of music, food, friends, and fundraising!