Storyhill Reunion Album 20th Anniversary Concert

Bozeman, MT, United States · Bozeman, MT

Venue Details

Bozeman, MT 59715, United States

In 1997, we played what we thought would be our final show in Bozeman, Mont. We went our separate ways – Chris to Pennsylvania, Seattle and eventually back to Bozeman. Johnny went to Norway for a couple years before returning to Minnesota. We both were independent artists or in new groups. And while we needed the time away from Storyhill, there was still a fire burning in both of us, and in our fan base, too.

Our mailing list (yes, physical mail) kept growing and our CDs kept selling. And we kept hearing that it would be great if we’d play together again someday. It was on a fateful night in Minneapolis in early 2001 when Chris and Justin Roth were touring with their ‘Two Forms of ID’ tour that they had a special guest in the audience. That person was Johnny.

After the show, Chris and Johnny reconnected and the idea of a reunion show was discussed. And that discussion turned in to reality during that summer. Tickets sold-out for our first show in hours. So, we added another. That show sold out, too.

We invited our long-time friend and producer, Alex Oana, to record the shows and released a double-live album, appropriately titled Reunion. 20 years later, Reunion is still one of our fan favorites and best-selling albums online and at the merchandise table. It includes some of our most popular tracks from our formative full-time touring years.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary release of Reunion, we’re going to perform the whole album from start to finish on February 6th. We’ll be playing live from Bozeman and utilizing the platform Crowdcast to broadcast this special night of music. The platform allows fans to have a positive visual and audio experience while also being able to interact with other fans through the chat feature.