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We are excited to begin a new stage of our career with members of our Storyhill Patreon team working “with us”, helping us to create new music, do more extensive touring and put more time into sustaining our passion for performing and making music over the long haul. There’s been so many changes in the music industry since we started – and Patreon is perhaps our best hope for staying viable and connected with our closest fans. 

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Keep Calm and Steady On

Our good friend Gretchen Heim created these computer wallpaper versions for our us. During these stressful times of late they feel even more important. It’s our hope that the message and attractive look of these full color digital wallpapers will resonate and impart some extra encouragement to you, your friends and families. We are offering them to you at not cost at this time. Enjoy and share some peace with those around you.

Images below can be saved to your computer.

Where to Begin

Where to Begin was released on Friday, November 8 and is available at our shows, on this website and on all streaming services. This record was born from rehearsals during early summer in preparation for our 30-year career anniversary and Road Show held in Montana – which culminated with an unforgettable sold-out concert in Bozeman at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. As we were looking back and relearning songs from our younger years, something surprising happened. We discovered new meaning, new life and deeper appreciation for them. It was as if these early songs were actually meant for this stage in our lives, and for our voices of today. This reflection has also been a rediscovery of who we are at our core – two friends who choose to write and craft music together – and then yearn to share our creations with others. 

For Where to Begin we went back to where we began… at Peak Recording Studio in Bozeman. Our old friend Gil Stober, the very same engineer who in 1989 recorded our first tape, Chris & Johnny, was quick to welcome us, commemorate our 30-year mile marker and applaud the vision for this project.  We captured 12 tracks – some known by many for decades and others rarely, if ever performed, and maybe new to your ears. They are: Mentors, I Am a Lover, Whippoorwill, Satisfied Land, Crescent Moon, She Holds My Heart Out In The Wind, Shapeshifter, Campfire on the Taylor Fork, Storm, Inside Emotion, Pancho & Lefty and Things I Love. We approached the recording exactly how we perform – the two of us playing our guitars and singing for live, in-studio captures… and counted on the magic of that synergy we’ve known and strived for for so long.

Summer 2019 Recap

During the month of July, we celebrated 30 years of making music together with a four-day celebration in our hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Our Road Show took fans to locations that helped inspire some of our music, including our high school choir room, Bridger Bowl, Hyalite Reservoir, Mary on the Mountain and the Missouri River Headwaters.

Our week culminated with a concert at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, where over 600 people showed up to attend the show. We feel overwhelmed by the support our community has given us over the last 30 years – we can’t say thank you enough.

Our celebration continues through the end of 2019, with November tour stops in Stillwater, St. Paul and Duluth, Minnesota. We will be making a return run through Montana in early December with stops in Gardiner, Missoula, Kalispell and Helena.

During those shows, we are excited to share more information about our plans for 2020 and ways we plan to connect with our fans. Steady on!

Stages, our new live album was released on November 16, 2018. The record includes 16 tracks recorded on several ‘stages’ we visited while touring between 2003 and 2015. Each individual track captures a moment in time when we knew there was connection. We connected with the people in the room, but also connected with each other. You may hear some ambient sounds in the background of some of the tracks, but you if you listen carefully, you’ll hear what some people call our signature sound: two voices, two guitars and the tight ethereal harmonies that continue to surprise and delight old and new fans.

We are very excited about the work our Storyhill team put into making this album come to life. Once again, we turned to our good friend and audio wizard Alex Oana, with his keen ear and knowledge of our combined talents to mix a new live Storyhill album that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Stages will be available on tour with us, at our website and on all of your favorite online music platforms. Order your copy today!